TOBEST Audio Maestro Sound Editor

TOBEST Audio Maestro Sound Editor 2.6

Allows you to play, record, edit, mix, and analyze sounds as you please
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  • Compatibility with Windows 7.
    It's impossible to download an updated version for Windows 7 because the official website doesn't have this software listed. It appears that the developer isn't in the software business anymore. In Windows 7, right click the application/setup package and choose Compatibility. Select Windows XPp from the list and then try running it again. If it doesn't work, it means you will have to pick another application. The database of Software Informer might help in this case.


Audio Maestro Sound Editor is a professional sound editing software, which allows you to play, record, edit, mix, and analyze sounds as you please on your computer.
Audio Maestro Sound Editor includes a variety of powerful features. Auto Track Recording Feature enables you to record sounds from a tape or vinyl source automatically as breaking down the tracks. You can also reduce noise, hiss, or click within a recording, and you even can remove human voices from a recording.

Audio Maestro Sound Editor includes many general features such as Amplifying, Fading in/out, Normalizing, and Equalizing. It also contains other professional features such as Phaser, Reverberation, Vibrato, Reverse, Stretch, High/Low Pass, and FFT (Fast Fourier Transform filter); professional audio filter; and the frequency analyzer.

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